From the beginning of lockdown we moved all our classes on-line. We have consistently provided 11 classes per week and we will continue providing this professional and interactive service for as long as it is required.

The RETURN is coming though, and we will be reopening soon!

The RETURN is only possible thanks to our loyal members and the community spirit that has been displayed throughout these extremely challenging times.

A lot of our members have adapted to the online training environment and made our interactive ZOOM classes part of their daily routine, as if they are training in the studio. We even have some members who maintained their membership as support for the club, without partaking in the online classes.

We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support we received which has been vital to the club’s survival.
We understand that not all members could commit to the club and their training during these trying times.
We know and understand that the majority of our members have suffered financial hardship and training became a luxury they simply could not afford at present and, we also recognise that online training is not for everyone.

Our immediate focus is now on creating a safe training environment that caters to our members needs while strictly adhering to all requirements mandated by the Government through NPHET and the HSE.

We understand that some members might still be cautious about returning to the studio. Because of this, we will continue our morning on-line classes, while also offering the ability to download on-line sessions on our private members site.

We are now committed to the RETURN! With the drive and passion of our team and with your continued support we will RETURN to one of the biggest and most prestigious martial arts clubs in the country. It won’t happen overnight but THE RETURN will make us bigger, better and stronger!

Thank You to our members
Thank You to our community
Thank You for your loyalty

Stay tuned… The Return is near.